Over 25 years as a professional software developer, I have worked on development for everything from an IBM 370 mainframe, programming in COBOL, to a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, programming in C# with Xamarin Forms.

My start at Nationwide Insurance in the commercial insurance department saw development in COBOL on the IBM/370, where I also gained relational database expertise working with DB/2. From there I continued mainframe work in COBOL and JCL working for one of the largest banks in the nation, building reports using SQL and a language known as NOMAD.

I made a shift to development in Peoplesoft and SQL scripting on DB/2, and converted Foxpro data to MS Access, when I started at Colorado Interstate Gas.

My work progressed to R.C. Olmstead, the largest data processor for credit unions in Ohio at the time I worked there, where I developed on OpenVMS in a language known as DIBOL, and developed for their classic ASP and ASP.NET online banking website. I also built peripheral applications built in C# that included an application for photo imaging of IDs and receipts, linked to the primary application over TCP/IP utilizing a proprietary protocol.

Currently I provide support for a number of websites, build applications on contract, and hold a full-time job with a local dairy distribution company in their IT department. I support the main ERP application that runs on OpenVMS using a language called Synergy (formerly DIBOL), built and support their website, including order-taking and payment processing, and built a mobile application for ordering and invoicing for delivery drivers.